Homeowners Insurance and Property Damage Claims in Westchester County, NY

Soundview Public Adjusting specializes in residential homeowner insurance claims. We advocate for homeowners who have sustained property damage from all types of losses including fire, smoke, wind, storm and plumbing failure providing expertise and guidance to obtain an accurate and fair settlement from insurance companies. Services covered include:

  • Free consultation to review your loss, policy and provide guidance.
  • Ensure all coverages that apply to the loss are claimed.
  • Complete the necessary documentation to ensure the policy is complied with fully and accurately.
  • Assess the building and personal property damage.
  • We are proficient with damage software insurance companies use and completing estimates for the replacement and repair of damaged property.
  • Secure temporary housing you, the policyholder, are entitled to - including insurance company payment for hotel and meal expenses.
  • Negotiate with your insurance company to ensure all aspects of the claim are equitably resolved.
  • Proactive in the handling of the claim to expedite the settlement.
  • Customer service is critical, we answer our phones and respond to emails promptly.
  • Our Service Area

Common Property Damage Claims

Fire & Smoke

Fire and smoke causes devastating property damage as well as taking an emotional toll. We assist with all aspects of the property claim and provide the emotional support needed.
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Plumbing Failure

Home plumbing systems that fail can result in significant water and mold damage to the structure of your home and your personal property. We are proficient in assessing the damages and preparing the loss claim for your insurance company.

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Wind & Storm

As we witnessed with Super Storm Sandy, insurance companies were not prepared to handle this type of event causing unacceptable delays in the adjustment of claims and paying a fraction of the loss value. Let us make sure your claim is handled in a timely manner, making sure the settlement is accurate.

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